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Los Angeles, CA

I am one of the fortunate who found Dr. Ryan Osborne to treat a chronic problem that I was having with my Wharton’s duct. I write this testmonial now because I wanted to monitor the results of my procedure over the past 17 months.


For approximately 7-8 years I was experiencing small calcium stones in my Wharton’s duct resulting in severe infection, pain and discharge from the opening of the duct, (under the tongue). I was completely and utterly at my wits end. I went to a local General Practitioner who referred me to an ENT and when that did not work I went to another ENT.


The range of treatment I received from both ENT’s ranged from topical ointments, antibiotics, (many times) and attempts to clear the duct by inserting a fine instrument into the duct. I actually became masterful at ‘milking the gland’, (submandibular) and extracting the developing stones myself which seemed to hold of the above treatment for some time. Finally after seeing the same ENT for 5-6 years he became frustrated and told me the only way I was going to cure the problem was to extract the gland.


Based on my research it was certainly an option to take out the submandibular gland although the last ditched option and to be avoided if other treatment was available. I went on an extensive quest to find other treatments for my issue and more times than one I came across Dr. Osborne’s name; Dr. Osborne was performing a procedure called ‘sialendoscopy’ which is a noninvasive removal of the stones. I was on the phone immediately and called his office; I am fortunate that I only reside an hour from their location. Even if I lived hours away I still would have been at his door step as soon as time permitted, that’s how bad I wanted a resolution to the problem I was dealing with.


I made an appointment and met Dr. Osborne and I was immediately impressed with his demeanor, he listened, he was confident and I also saw him communicating with a few patients in the waiting room; how often do you see that?? In a nutshell it seemed I was a candidate for the ‘sialendoscopy procedure’ and he confirmed that taking the submandibular gland would be the last option if all else fails.


After a few visits I went into surgery on 10/16/2009; actually a few minutes prior to my surgery Dr. Osborne informed me that there appeared to be an inch long stone in my duct as a result of the CT Scan and he was surprised that I was not in more pain, etc- he gave me no guarantees that he could remove what was in there without an incision until he got in there. I told him, “let’s go”. Approximately 1 hour later it was all said and done, a success, no incision and several stones extracted from the duct resulting in a clear passage in the duct- finally!!!


The entire staff at Osborne Head and Neck were spectacular; Noelia coordinated all aspects of my procedure prior to the surgery with no hiccups, I was contacted by the anesthesiologist Laurie Hanna the night before and the staff were highly professional and friendly the day of the surgery. One thing that particularly thrilled me about my procedure was the fact that it was performed at Dr. Osborne’s office rather than go to an external facility.


It has been 17 months since my procedure and I would rate ALL aspects of it a 20 out of 10- yes because my procedure was successful but also because Dr. Osborne,( and his staff) made it a point to make me feel comfortable, was not rushed, (I know he has to be majorly busy) and took the time to answer all of my questions.


I write this testimonial purely because I want to share my story; my frustration level of my previous condition was to a point of depression. If you are suffering from the same condition as I had, do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Ryan Osborne, he is without a doubt a leader in his field, (my research as your will to will also confirm this) and my entire experience was nothing less that exceptional. I am stone free, no reoccurrences in 17 months and if it happens again I will be back in a heartbeat to see Dr. Osborne. In actual fact Dr. Osborne’s exact words to me after a follow up was, “I hope I am in still in practice when you come back”, that was encouraging!


All I can say is be 100% proactive in the management of your health so when the times comes to make what seems to be a dramatic move, (surgery, etc) know that you have done all of the necessary research to put you in touch with the best individuals to assist with your condition.


If you would like to personally contact me for further information you may do so by contacting Dr. Osborne’s office who will in turn put you in touch with me if they feel necessary; I would be happy to chat with you.


Redlands, CA

I was diagnosed with parotid tumors 6 months prior to meeting Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton. My primary physician recommended surgery. Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton came extremely recommended and I went online to do more research on the Osborne Head and Neck Institute.


Once I was able to speak with Dr. Osborne, I felt he was very capable, supportive, and competent in his specialty. Both Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton are sincere and very talented.


Overall, I was surprised that both Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton could remove such a large mass from both sides of my face and still manage to make the incision small, just like they explained, as well as ensure that the space where the mass once was, was not and empty gap.


As Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton were highly recommended to me, I would indeed do the same to my family and friends.

Your #1 fan, D.B.

Torrance, CA

Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton are the greatest!


When I discovered my parotid tumor with my local ENT, I became concerned to hear the most doctors only do parotid surgery 1-3 times a year. I started doing research for a specialist. I found Dr. Osborne’s website. I had a consultation and right away knew he was the ONE to do my surgery. His experience and expertise with parotid tumors put me at ease.


Also, the fact that he had no permanent facial nerve damage with his patients and that I would not have a ‘dent’ on the side of my cheek after surgery were important. Both Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton gave me confidence and reassured me.


All went well after surgery, my recovery was easy and right away I could smile and blink my eyes! My face is symmetrical and no pain. I would highly recommend this team of doctors!


Thank you for everything and letting me keep my smile!

Thank you for working so hard to specialize in head and neck surgery so patients have the best outcome.


Whitefish, Montana

Originally I was diagnosed with having a salivary gland tumor in 2005, and told I would need a parotidectomy. I consulted with many physicians in my area and within my state, but I seemed to find doctors with little experience with this procedure. I wanted someone who knew about parotidectomies inside and out, and would perform the procedure on a weekly base. I knew what I would require in a doctor so I began my search through the internet and found Dr. Osborne’s parotid website. Visiting the website assured me they were the best!


Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton’s experience and education, not to mention, their reputation made it a “no brainer”. I had the opportunity to meet the doctors in New York for a consultation, and I am so glad I went and decided to choose OHNI. The doctors were extremely easy to talk to!


I was nervous about the procedure and both doctors were wonderful, very calm, knowledgeable, very empathetic, and aware of my needs. They made the experience painless by easing all of my fears. After my first consultation, I was unbelievably relieved and more relaxed then I had been with any doctors. Their bedside manor is amazing! I truly believed they had complete and genuine concern for my situation. I knew they were the right hands to put myself into for my surgery.


Arriving to their office in Los Angeles, I was greeted professionally and with a smile. The entire staff was welcoming and also genuinely concerned. After my surgery I felt 100% better! I saw how great the incisions looked and what little scarring I would have. My overall rating for OHNI is an A+! As President of the National Association of Doctors, I could have chosen any other physician nation wide, but I chose Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton. I will highly recommend them, to everyone in need.


Henderson, Nevada

It was a coincidence that I even found out about my tumor. I had been seeing a neurologist in Yorba Linda for the past 5 years, but I always felt something was wrong with the lump on my neck. My wife is a registered nurse, and requested my records; she literally went through three years of scans, visits and reports, until she came upon an MRI which showed a parotid tumor, on my right side.


They had even done a fine needle aspiration, and just never got around to sharing the importance of this with me. My wife decided to google parotid tumor, when she found Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton. Their parotid.net was the first link to appear in the search. She shared this with me, and we both went through the site and were fascinated by the success stories, and knew they were a step in the right path for us.


When I first contacted their staff, and shared my information, it was just marvelous how fast, friendly and helpful they all were. I spoke with Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton over the phone, and knew I was where I needed to be. I flew up for my surgery with my wife from Nevada. My surgery was just smooth sailing, and everything after went great.


What I was mostly amazed was, that used to use hearing aids in both ears prior to my surgery, and miraculously after surgery I was amazed to say I did not need them anymore and have not used them since my surgery. So without a doubt I would always highly recommend not only Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton, but their entire family for their hospitality and warm personalities.


Queen Creek, Arizona

One day, I was online searching for options on who should do my parotidectomy. I had consulted three other doctors and was told that my whole salivary gland had to be removed.


Then, I came across Dr. Osborne’s website. The first time I spoke to Dr. Osborne on the phone, I found him very knoledgeable in this field. I felt very comfortable speaking to him. He never hesitated in answering all my questions. He was very caring, compassionate and never intimidating.


My surgery experience with Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton and the staff was truly first class. Having everything done at their facility was very low stress for me. Their care was personal; I never felt part of a production line.


To other patients reading this, this is the best place; do not consider going anywhere else. Dr. Osborne knows his job and he does it right.



Anaheim, CA

I had surgery with Dr. Osborne and his dream team to remove multiple parotid tumors. It was a surreal experience. I felt like a Princess with an entourage of highly skilled medical professionals with impeccable bedside manners, and unsurpassed care and compassion. I really liked that he has his own state of the art surgery center. I was the only one there and everyone just catered to me. The whole team is like family. Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton did a phenomenal job, with no facial weakness and no paralysis, always having the aesthetic outcome in mind.


They are highly talented surgeons who specialize in this type of surgery with extensive experience and skills. They are fully dedicated to the medical profession, with a warm, caring and compassionate personality. Laurie Hanna, the anesthesia provider, did her magic as well. I was not sick after surgery, was alert and thrilled that I could go home the same day with no post op problems whatsoever.


My family was being informed at all times of the progress and Dr. Osborne spoke to them before and after surgery. Laurie and Terry called to check on me later that day to let me know that Dr. Osborne will be available if I needed him. Thank you, Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton, Laurie, Terry, Noelia, Sarah, Xiomara, Alex and the rest of the staff for the great communication and the outstanding care.


Dr. Osborne is exceptional and has all the time and patience in the world for his patients. He will answer all your questions and concerns and explain in detail the whole procedure. Choosing Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton and their amazing dream team for your head and neck surgery will be your best medical decision.


Once you have had the royal treatment at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute, you don’t want to put foot in another practice. I had multiple surgical experiences in different countries, and I find that OHNI is the créme de la crémes of fine surgeons, medical office, care, dedication and compassion. I am very grateful to OHNI and recommend these outstanding surgeons to everyone. And what’s wrong with taking a few days trip to Los Angeles, it’s beautiful and it’s worth it!!!


New Jersey

I was Dx with a parotid tumor and needing to make decisions. The first two were easy – should it be removed? Absolutely. Is there any value to waiting? Absolutely not. My next concern wasn’t so straight forward. Should I trust any reputable, board certified ENT surgeon to do this? My well researched answer yielded a big, fat NO.


I had a unique dynamic to consider. My husband is a local and visible physician. He works out of a hospital where people travel from other countries to receive care! We are in the NYC area and it is safe to say that we hold a ring with keys to just about all the best medical care. I am grateful. So, in good faith I really tried to convince myself that there was no need to travel 3000 miles for surgery.


With due diligence I visited/interviewed several local surgeons all with known experience (and relative success). All quite nice and professionally distinguished. Still, I couldn’t dismiss the fact that this is 2010 and there had to be a technique that would not leave my face disfigured or worse. Anybody who knows me would agree that I am pretty “low glamour” but such scarring seemed excessive. Tooling around on the web, I discovered Dr. Osborne’s website where he described doing several hundred such surgeries each year. This was about 10x more than any other Dr. I interacted with. There is no match for experience and his results certainly prove that.


An additional “bonus” was that he and Dr. Hamilton, a plastic surgeon, work alongside one and other. When Dr. O has completed the surgery, Dr. Hamilton begins the plastic surgery. Together (sans Medical Residents), they see the surgery through from beginning to end. I made e-mail contact with Noelia who is Service Coordinator Extraordinare! No need to limit oneself geographically as she really does (really, truly) all the leg work. Just as she said, Dr. O called us for a phone consult where he impressed both my husband and I with his willingness to listen and answer what must be very routine questions .


Initially well meaning friends and family gave me a lot of “push back” for going across the country to have surgery by somebody I never met. I understand how it seems almost bizarre. Well, by the surgery date we were practically old friends since I made so many phone calls to the office in advance! Plus, the staff spent three hours entertaining our questions and concerns the day before the surgery (that had all been answered before!).


All to say that I am one week post a major surgery and you would have to really hunt to see a scar behind my ear. Thankfully, I have no facial nerve damage, either. Their standards of excellence should serve as a medical model everywhere. I rarely endorse doctors because there is too much potential for harm. However, our family is now OHNI fans forever! If nothing else, take the leap and make the phone call to request the free (and it really is free) phone consult. Information is powerful and you won’t regret doing the research. May God bless you during your time of need.


Fremont, Ohio

I feel so grateful to have found Drs. Osborne and Hamilton on the parotid.net site. I believe I have had the best Doctors with my deep lobe parotidectomy surgery. In my case, my results were the best scenario.


I feel it was the best decision I ever made. I also want to mention Laurie, the nurse anesthetist, made herself available to me my entire stay if I had any questions. What a comfort. The entire staff and the doctors are very kind and caring. Great “bedside manner.”


Noelia – Thanks for all my answered questions.


Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton, Laurie, and the entire staff; I believe you are a Godsend! I came here expecting great results – and the entire experience for me, met my expectations!


Thank you all so much!



Jackson, New Jersey

Having been apprehensive about the removal of my parotid tumor, possible facial nerve damage and resulting scarring, I now realize that meeting the both of you, your staff and having the parotidectomy in LA is one of the best decisions and results I have ever experienced.


I hope that I can recommend your talents to someone else who faces the same situation to alleviate their apprehension and receive excellent care.



Love, A.G.

Covina, CA

Dr. Osborne, he is a blessing from above. I was reffered to a different specialist who wanted to open my jaw from the mandible or on side of my jaw bone. Where I would have lost some teeth and had some nerve paralysis and damage. This doctor also wanted me to have this surgery done soon. I said no; I wanted to do more research. Which is how I found Dr. Osborne via the internet, he was local for me. I read great testimonials off his website, and the successful surgeries that he had done. This was when my wife and I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Osborne.


From my first visit I knew he was fabulous, and made me feel so comfortable. He explained in detail what his approach was to remove my parotid tumor. It was a deep lobe internal tumor, which wasn’t visible from the outside. This type was more difficult and he would be able to access it through the side of my neck, without having to cute my jaw bone. He showed me exactly where it was at with a skull model.


The amazing thing was that of my surgery, Dr. Osborne came to me and said he waned to do something different then what we had talked about. He wanted to go through my mouth, instead of my neck. He thought I would be a good candidate. I didn’t hesitate, I said yes if he felt it would work I was completely fine with it.


It all worked and my recovery was great and i had no external scars. If ever you would need any kind of help, with parotid tumors. He is the best and his staff is one that you would definetly want on your side.


From my family, friends, children and wife, we want to thank you with all our hearts.



Whitefish, Montana

I was diagnosed by an ENT in Montana, in 2008. This physician mentioned I would have a concave divot in my face, experience facial paralysis and not to mention a very long scar. That just petrified me, there was no way I was going through the rest of my life with half of my face that way. Aside from the horrid description of my surgery, the doctor just seemed wrong, and this would be like his second parotid surgery ever.


I wanted someone with experience, better approach, and who did the surgery on a weekly bases. When I came across the website I was truly impressed, and contacted the office. When Noelia returned my call, I felt like a huge weight was suddenly lifted off of my soldiers, honestly! My whole experience here has been fantastic at this office; I have no bad side effects. Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton are my SAVIORS! Thank you very much!


Portage, Indiana

About 10 years ago I noticed a lump on the side of my neck that slowly started to protrude in growth. Officially I was diagnosed with a parotid tumor five years ago, and consulted with physicians in my area. Throughout all the consultations, I set up an appointment with a doctor who was at a fine university in my state. This doctor mentioned was knowledgeable about my tumor, but when he mentioned he did “SOME SURGERIES” I knew my search for the right doctor would have to expand past my own state.


I wanted a doctor who knew in depth every aspect of my surgery and dealt with parotidectomies on higher bases. I went online and read over many sites, but the parotid.net was the most resourceful. It even had an animation of my surgery, I was truly amazed, although what was impressive is that Dr. Osborne’s explanation of the surgery was just as detailed and he even discussed my nerves and how they would be monitored.


I flew in for my actual consultation with Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton and felt the whole visit was very informative and detailed. They went over every aspect step by step. Both the doctors knew what they were talking about, which gave me the comfort to procede with my surgery. The outcome was great; my scar is not even visible. They did an excellent job, and I must say their office staff was very hospitable, and I am definitely going to recommend them to anyone in need!


Lavale, Maryland

There are no words to describe the gratitude I feel toward Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton, and their staff. I am blessed to have found such a great organization. I had nothing but a good feeling from the beginning and still carry that feeling with me.


I was diagnosed with a parotid tumor seven years ago and my first doctor could not give me any information that made me comfortable, so I persevered and got a second opinion. The second doctor recommended I have the parotid tumor removed and so I did my own research on the internet and found Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton.


When I first spoke to Dr. Osborne on the phone, everything was thoroughly explained to me. I really felt like he took his time and all the time I needed to be completely informed. I decided to schedule the surgery with Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton because I felt the confidence they had in their specialties.


Along with the confidence and great communication, the Osborne Head and Neck Institute staff gave me a wonderful experience; comforting with a smooth operating team, bringing together an amazing experience.


What was said to me by Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton was done. I had a great surgery and recovered quickly. I truly felt that I was in the best hands possible.


I would recommend my family, friends, and anyone that needed the same, if not similar procedure to Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton.



Moscow, Russia

For many years I had been afflicted with a condition diagnosed as a parotid tumor. It had grown to such an extent that my doctors in Moscow had advised me, that surgery to remove the tumor was clearly indicated. For years, I kept putting off the exercise of this option as I was indeed filled with trepidation as to how successful such a serious invasive procedure could be.


With the encouragement of my sister, I accepted her invitation to consult with medical specialists in the USA and shortly after my arrival I met the medical team of Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton who specialize in minimally invasive surgery.


Now, it is generally accepted that much of the healing process is directly related to the confidence one has in his/her medical team. As such, I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism, caring, assuring and thoroughness of Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton. They explained everything about my condition and the surgery needed to relieve it. I trusted them completely, and I was right!


I underwent a very complex but successful procedure by Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton in removing the tumor on Tuesday August 11th, 2009 at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute in Los Angeles, CA, USA.


Thank you, Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton! And thank your highly professional and compassionate team: anesthesiologist Laurie Hanna, Nurse Stacey, Surgery Coordinator Noelia, and all others in the practice.


I feel nothing but gratitude to them and their great support team and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who seeks their services.



Encino, CA

Well to start off I am very pleased with Dr. Osborne. He did my parotidectomy about four years ago, and his technique was so innovative. He did an excellent job and the results were great.


Since my surgery I have been following up with him, having routine scans twice a year or so. I have no complaints, he was just the best.





Pine Bush, New York

All we can say about Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton and anesthesiologist Laurie Hanna is they are Fantastic! Thank you so much for treating my mom and removing her tumor with minimal damage!

The so-called expert hospital wanted to remove part of my moms jaw, the nerve and do radical head and neck surgery. Not only would she have lost all functions to the left side of her face, she would have to stay on soft foods only and look deformed!


God bless all of you her at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute! The staff is great too! We were treated like family. We are apart of their family and they are apart of ours!


My 80 yr. Old mom can still hear from her left ear, where the other doctors said she would lose her hearing. She looks great! I could go on and on, Dr. Osborne was our fourth surgeon we saw and choose to go to.


He and his staff are decades ahead of other surgeons in his field. He treats the person not just the tumor! He treated my mom like he would his own! And we both love our moms! God, Bless we will send you others who need doctors such as you and your staff. From our family to all of yours we send our love and gratitude.


Ventura, CA

My experience was amazing. I look and feel better than before. This all started with calcification in my parotid gland, which affected surrounding areas causing chronic infections. I was taking long term antibiotics.


I was seeing an ENT doctor for 3 years intermittently and he said he would not operate on a gland so sensitive to the facial nerves and I am absolutely glad he didn’t. The infection stopped for 2 years and then the infection reoccurred and the calcification bigger.


I did my research online and found parotid.net to find Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton. I have run into a couple people that have had the parotid surgery by other surgeons and these people have encountered strange problems; sweating in the back of the neck, unsightly scars, and random numbness. A couple doctors said yes, but have only performed 1-2 parotid surgeries a year as compared to Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton performing this exceptional surgery 3-4 times a week.


Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton are amazing, the two of them side by side; one stopped me from being paralyzed and the other did the cosmetic reconstruction. After the surgery, I have perfect salivation and no paralysis. I did have numbness to right ear for1-2 months, that has since decreased and is minimal and getting better. My scar behind my ear is almost impossible to see, both sides of my face match perfectly, as the incision has healed.


Now I live a life with less fear, no antibiotics, it’s unsightly. I’m done with infection and got my life back. Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton worked with me on the financial end as well. I would definitely be interested in talking with anyone researching this surgery, anyone interested in speaking with someone that is going through something similar signs, symptoms, questions and/or concerns.




Laguna Beach, CA

Thank you so much for the incredible job you did removing my parotid tumor. It looks great and everything was much more painless than I expected. Thanks again.





Louisville, Kentucky

I was officially diagnosed with having a Parotid Tumor, in July 2009. It became of concern when I noticed it was growing with in the year to the size of a golf ball, that’s when I couldn’t even wear my hair down any longer since it would protrude. My family doctor mentioned I should see an ENT specialist, and I did consult with many doctors within the Louisville area. However, they all seemed very cold, rushed, and have the same approach with the possibility of severed nerves, which would cause paralysis.


I just knew I had to dig deeper for a better solution, so I went online and found Dr. Osborne’s website, and was pleased to contact him. He was such a great doctor to speak with over the phone, he even had two of his passed east coast Parotid patients call me, so I could discuss their experience with surgery and Dr. Osborne. They just assured me I was in great hands, and they spoke so highly of Dr. Osborne and his associate Dr. Hamilton.


I was sold with everything I heard and knew it was the right move to go to California and have my surgery; and I was right. Upon arriving to their office I was greeted by their staff, who were kind, and warm. When I met with Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton I noticed they weren’t rushed, they were patient in explaining my surgery. I honestly have never had any doctor spend the time that Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton spent with me. Other doctors I had previously met with felt rushed, and bothered.


I am pleased to say I am doing very well after surgery, and everyone in my town was amazed at how great I looked after surgery. No paralysis, no deformities, and no dents. The doctors were wonderful and my results were great. Thank you very much, and if the occasion came and you need me to speak to a patient about my journey, I would love to do that for you.



Indianapolis, Indiana

I was diagnosed with my parotid tumor, which led me to do a lot of research via the internet. From my research, I came across the parotid.net site. I reached Dr. Osborne’s office, and was set up with an over the phone consultation. When I spoke with Dr. Osborne he took his time in explaining the procedure to me, which I really appreciated.


I arrived there for my surgery from Indiana, and was welcomed to a very warm atmosphere. Dr. Osborne, his associate doctors, and staff were all just very courteous and very professional. Which I thought was something you don’t find in every office, but was happy to have come across it at his office.


The kindness and wonderful work Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton did for my parotid tumor was just such a wonderful job, that I came to them again shortly after to have my thyroidectomy surgery with them, months after. Of course, was welcomed with such warmness again, I just felt at home.


Throughout my surgeries I have had fantastic results, you can’t even tell I had a parotidectomy, and although I am still healing from my thyroidectomy, I notice very minor scaring from the thyroidectomy. Above all else, I was just in the hands of great doctors who knew how to handle my individual case; I am thankful and have been recommending them.



Midlothian, Virginia

I initially had a portion of my parotid tumor taken out in Richmond, Virginia by a plastic surgeon. After that surgery he recommended that I should definitely follow up to have the remaining tumor removed. He referred me to a surgeon here as well, but just entering that doctor’s office didn’t give me a great feeling, and he seemed to have shaky hands.


That just completely made go on my own search, as soon as I got home I went directly to webmd. I typed in parotid tumor, and I found Dr. Osborne’s site, parotid.net. I seriously went through and through that website read every single testimonial. That just really did it for me, and I made the call and spoke with Noelia, their surgical coordinator. Within a day she set me up with a phone consult with Dr. Osborne. The conversation was about an hour or so, and he just made me feel so at ease. I also spoke another hour with Dr. Hamilton, he was to team up with the surgery also. They ordered an MRI for me to have in Virginia, and the results were sent to them within days.


Although I was out of town they reached me, and let me know I really needed to have this out. Many people thought I was crazy for putting my confidence in someone not only across the states, but whom I only had phone conversations with. But I just knew, they were the right way to go. They gave me a great feeling, and the testimonials I read, were just amazing. I flew out for only three days with my husband to have my surgery, post op and consultation, but the night before my flight I spoke to Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton once more, and they went over everything from what to expect healing wise after surgery, and what my results months after would be. I just felt at ease.


From the moment I arrived for my surgery his whole surgical staff was just amazing, I mean I even had them all take pictures with me before my surgery began, that is what a family feeling I got. I was truly lucky to find them, if I would have stayed in Virginia to have my surgery, it would have been a nightmare, and they do not have the facial nerve monitors or their specific techniques. I work in the medical field, and deal with referring patients, and have and will continue to advocate the level of professionalism and such great hospitality that I experienced. Best of all I have no visible scars, none at all. No dents, no facial paralysis, nothing. I just feel they were fantastic.



Midland, Texas

When I was diagnosed in Texas I consulted with 12 different doctors within my area. None of the visits were promising they did not have an approach with appealed to me, because I would need my right and left side parotid gland operated on. My decision to look outside of my state was because I could not accept that I would have to be on pain medication for the rest of my life. My search began via the internet where I came across Dr. Osborne’s website, and thank god I did. Dr. Osborne was the only doctor that gave me true hope.


When I finally arrived at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute I was truly greeted like a person, not just a number! After talking to Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton I had no doubt that I had come to the right place. The doctors were personable and explained the procedure in a way that could understand what I would go through in detail. After the consultation there was no other choice to be made, I knew the Osborne Head and Neck Institute could give me my life back.


My surgeries were a success! I feel so much better! I can enjoy things that I have not been able to for the past year. Everyone was great and very caring and willing to go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. They made me feel special, as if I were their only patient. I would definitely recommend OHNI, they were very impressive on every level.



Maspeth, New York

When I was diagnosed with my parotid tumor, my family and I started to do research. My sister and wife were the ones who found Dr. Osborne online. I called and spoke with Noelia, Dr. Osborne’s surgery assistant. English being my second language, I was just extremely happy to find out that not only she, but Dr. Osborne and his office spoke Spanish. That was just a huge sigh of relief, I understand and speak English, but being able to express my concerns in Spanish was just a huge plus.


When I arrived in Los Angeles, I went directly to their office for my first consultation. From the hospitality I was able to feel over the phone, I truly felt like I walked into heaven, when I met Dr. Osborne in person, and met the rest of his staff. I was just amazed at how welcoming and warm his office was. Throughout my surgery, my wife and sister waited for me they told me, the staff kept them updated about my surgery, and made them feel very comfortable.


I am Doing very well. Everything just went 100% great. Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton are just excellent surgeons. I am very grateful to have come across such a great Doctor and such a humble office. Without a doubt, If I were to ever know of anyone in need of the procedure, I will recommend Dr. Ryan Osborne and his friendly staff.



Costa Mesa, CA

I was very fortunate to locate Dr. Osborne & Dr. Hamilton on my computer in my home in A.I., so I came to California to visit my family and called the Osborne Head & Neck Institute and set an appointment. The confidence and attitude of everyone there made me feel I was in good hands. I had been suffering a year with the growth getting larger.


Dr. Osborne set the date and made sure all the necessary tests had been done for the surgery on February 11th when he operated and on the 12th I was discharged home. Within a few days it was almost impossible to see any scar. On February 20th I attended a wedding and no one could believe I had a recent operation. It was done so perfect, that to this day I can still hardly believe the results. No scar to be seen and no discomfort. Thanks for a perfect job. He improved on perfection.

Dr. R.E.

Hanford, CA

Being a physician myself, I decided to get myself scanned for the right parotid tumor back in August of 2009. I was able to speak with several colleagues in Los Angeles, CA and do some of my own research and discovered the Osborne Head and Neck Institute.


Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton were very much suggested and once I had met with them, they were both more than accommodating. The staff was excellent and made the process quite exceptional. I already have recommended family and friends to the Osborne Head and Neck Institute.




Thank you, J.M.

Loveland, Colorado

Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton were truly an answer to my prayers. I have seen many surgeons over the last 8 years. Even though a parotid tumor isn’t the end of the world, the standard surgery seemed to be close. I had talked to surgeons and patients alike. None of whom gave me a very promising outcome.


I searched online and found the website. I looked several times before I finally set up a consult. Had I known how wonderful these two surgeons were, I would have been here sooner. They made no promises, but they let me know they would do everything humanly possible…


And they did. My surgery was better than I could have ever dreamed. I’m still having a hard time realizing the smile on my face is real. They may have only done what was humanly possible, but I believe God blessed them with skills beyond most men. They also have a wonderful energy that is carried throughout the entire office staff.




Las Vegas, Nevada

I was misdiagnosed as sinusitis for years, and was referred to several other doctors, including a cancer center, all of whom were concerned I might have cancer. They recommended immediate removal of my submandibular gland after explaining the risks of the debilitating and invasive surgery, but no one would tell me for certain that it was cancer, and said the only way to be certain was to remove the gland.


I wasn’t willing to risk the surgery without knowing. So after extensive research, I found OHNI on the internet. I immediately called the office, and the assistants were very helpful and informative. I set up an appointment and scheduled surgery – not the invasive debilitating surgery I had been told was my only option, but the new microsurgery techniques used by OHNI. I was back to work within a week, with no obvious signs except the new lack of stress from worrying about my health.


I truly believe Dr. Osborne saved my ability to speak and move my face.


Thank you.



Barstow, CA

I spent months being misdiagnosed and when I was finally diagnosed with a parotid tumor, I was told I needed to find a really good doctor to remove it. I started searching on the internet and Dr. Osborne was the first to pop up. I read many testimonials and even watched the procedure.


Right away I made an appointment. After a couple of office visits, a cat-scan, MRI, & biopsy I was diagnosed w/ Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. Dr. Osborne suggested that I have 2nd and 3rd opinions done, so I did.


Right away after meeting and talking with other doctors my heart kept telling me to go with Dr. Osborne, so that’s exactly what I did! I went back to discuss the procedure and meet with Dr. Hamilton. After meeting Dr. Hamilton I just felt that much more comfortable and that much surer they were the right doctors for me.


I’m so happy I followed my heart and truly feel that it was a blessing to find Dr.Osborne and to have him and Dr.Hamilton as my doctors!


Thank you Dr.Osborne & Dr.Hamilton for making me feel so comfortable and doing the best job you could do!


Well if you are reading this, then you came to the right place, make your appointment and after meeting with Dr.Osborne you will know exactly what I mean!



M.M., MD

Palm Beach, Florida

I was referred for a parotid gland tumor, as a physician, I was very concerned about facial nerve paralysis and the size of the scar and the defect that would be left on my face.


As I was from another state I called Noelia and she was very kind and asked me to send my records, scans and face pictures so Drs. Hamilton and Osborne could review them. Dr. Osborne called me for my phone consultation and explained my options at length. I was immediately assured of his skill set, experience, and concern for my end result.


Several weeks later I arrived in LA and had an appointment where Dr. Osborne examined me, again explained the procedure and complications and answered all my questions thoroughly. He is a professional through and through. He was kind and reassuring. He really is a nice guy and I was truly impressed. There is no one I would feel more comfortable doing this surgery on me.


Next I met with Dr. Hamilton who explained the reconstruction details. Again, kind, thorough, funny, and very impressive. This is a profound endearment as I am a physician as well.


The next day I was very easily anesthetized and awake with no complications several hours later. All had gone as planned.


I could not be more pleased. The doctors and staff were so nice and comforting, the docs are real heroes. Thank you so much.




I have suffered from calcium stones in my salivary glands since I was 9 years old (I am now 54), but I lived with the discomfort for years. The discomfort was most often swelling at meal times. As I grew older the problem tended to increase, and as my career involved banquets, cocktails and social receptions (I am a U.S. diplomat often stationed in U.S. embassies abroad), this was awkward and embarrassing to be confronted with such swelling.


My father suffered from the same problem and had the stones removed 15 years ago (he was 60). The procedure was major surgery that made a sizeable incision on the neck and removed the entire gland. He complained that he was disfigured and lost 50% of his salivary function.


I searched for an alternative method to deal with. Several ENT doctors told me to do nothing and hope the glands never became infected.


I discovered in my research that the European and Israelis had developed new medical technology to remove from inside the mouth with less or no gland damage.


One doctor in London agreed to treat me and then for reasons unclear to me, backed out. Another was discovered by my research at the University of Indiana (Bloomington), but he too backed out (stopped responding to my emails).


I was thrilled to find the Osborne Institute on line. The treatment was excellent and the website presentation both convincing and reassuring.


I contacted the institute when I was in Ecuador. The help I received from all the support staff – particularly Noelia – was excellent. The surgery was a breeze. The team was professional and Dr. Osborne was clear, informative and confidence inspiring. I am very pleased! Thank you!!



Valencia, CA

After years of being self conscious and frustrated with extremely swollen and hypertrophied parotid glands, I found myself in Dr. Osborne’s office as a last resort. I had really lost all hope that anyone could help me and I had nearly submitted to the swelling and deformation being something that I would always have to accept. But then I took that step of faith and came to see one more doctor! Dr. Osborne.


He was such a God-send, I can’t even explain it. He gave me hope and a new outlook on my condition. And what’s more, is the procedure was flawless. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better experience. I am only sorry I didn’t come to see Dr. Osborne sooner.


Thank you, Dr. Osborne, for giving me back my face! And thank you to Dr. Hamilton for making it look so good!


Albequerque, New Mexico

The experience with OHNI was completely different from any experience I had with a doctor’s office. I thought it was too good to be true.


Once I met Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton and their staff, I quickly realized their passion is to make every patient feel like their top priority. All of my fears were put to rest. I feel like I made the best choice by coming to OHNI.





God bless, C.&J. B.

Franklin, Ohio

In December 2003 my wife Joanna noticed a bump on the right cheek. Caught by surprise we decided to go see a doctor. They did a biopsy and said I had a benign tumor in my parotid gland. I was told of the dangers of the operation due to possible paralysis of the facial nerves.


At first I decided to take the ENT surgeons advice, and get the surgery. But I got cold feet and cancelled the surgery. I wasn’t sure I wanted to trade the destiny of the tumor for possible facial paralysis. As time went on the tumor doubles and tripled in size.


My wife was concerned for my health and well being, she did internet searches and came across the Osborne Head & Neck Institute website, in October 2008. I had read a lot about parotid gland tumors and their risks. Once I read the information on his website I began to feel more confident about getting surgery.


I contacted Dr. Osborne, and once I spoke with him, he gave me the confidence that I would finally be able to through with my surgery. I put my faith in the in the Lord Jesus and put myself in the hands of capable people. I am confident that the lord looked over my operation.


The capable and talented surgeons, with the team they have, demonstrated my wife and I such care and compassion beyond expectation. You have gone the extra mile and I am grateful to you.



Venice, CA

It has now been almost two years since my surgery for my parotid tumor. Dr. Osborne and his staff have been phenomenal from the very beginning and continue being that way throughout the past ten years.


Dr. Osborne, in particular, has a wonderfully warm, compassionate and loving way about him. From the minute I met him, I felt confident that I was in good hands and would be able to overcome this medical challenge.


It’s much easier when you can trust your doctor and know that his decisions and recommendations are correct. It’s never easy to have your health compromised, but the staff and Dr. Osborne, especially have enabled me to get back on track quickly. With the right support system, anything is possible.

Thank you, Dr. Osborne and your entire staff.



Rocklin, CA

Before surgery coming all the way down to Los Angeles I will admit, although I had felt that we had picked the best doctor, I was still scared. Then meeting and talking with the doctors that Monday was really life changing.


These doctors are the nicest, the most straight forward we had met, and let me tell you we met A LOT of doctors. These guys are the best at what they do and I have absolutely zero regrets about coming here. They treated me like I was there own kid, honestly. Although the decision to come down here was also hard on my mom, I am now positive that she knows she made the best decision for me as her son, and I love her for that.


On behalf of me and my family I want thank everyone here at the office as well as everyone who participated in the surgery for everything they have done, there is no way I would recommend any other place. This place is THE BEST.


Kingwood, Texas

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the excellent job Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton and their staff did on my parotid gland tumor. I was diagnosed with it seven years ago and spent the last 7 years interviewing ENT’s and searching for someone who had a less invasive way of removing it and a way to monitor my nerves during surgery and a plastic surgeon to open and close the site.



These doctors have exceeded all my expectations on every front. I was very relieved after our initial visit, the surgery went off without a hitch and the recovery has been easy. I highly recommend these doctors for anyone with parotid gland issues. They are light years ahead of anyone else in their specialty! We really appreciate everything they have done for us. Thank you so much.



Clayton, CA

Dr. Osborne and staff were just wonderful from start to finish! We are so happy with the whole experience!


Santa Barbara, CA

I was diagnosed with a parotid gland tumor in Santa Barbara, CA. After being told I’d need surgery involving a very large incision around my ear and down my jaw line. “No one does it differently than this”. Given the substantial risks for facial paralysis with this surgery, I decided to search the web for alternatives.


The first site to pop up was the Osborne Institute. From the first image of Dr. Osborne welcoming me to the site, to the simple explications and graphic examples of the very unique minimal incision technique they’ve developed, to the fact that they specialize in this surgery and do many of them compared to other doctors, I was sold. From the initial consultation through the surgery prep, surgery and post op check the way a whole team involved.


I’ve never been attended to by so many personable, easy going and competent doctors. They spend lots of time with, aren’t rushed to see their next patient. If you are facing this kind of sensitive surgery, you can feel comfortable putting yourself in their care.


Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton and his staff made a very stressful situation much less stressful for me. I am so thankful for Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton’s expertise and friendly bedside manner.


Dr. Osborne even sat with me while I grilled him for an hour on my most important questions, and he helped to alleviate my anxiety. Dr. Hamilton did a great job on my incision; it hardly even looks like I had surgery.


Also, Dr. Osborne took such good care of my face, that even after a removal of a tumor from my parotid gland, I can smile and there is no facial paralysis what so ever.


Laurie was the best anesthesiologist- very skilled and incredibly caring. Noelia their surgical coordinator was helpful and friendly. I don’t regret having my surgery done at OHNI. I know that i made the right decision.



Madison, New Jersey

Once my son was diagnosed earlier this year with a Parotid tumor, we consulted with three physicians. The doctors we met with and spoke to all did not have the experience or the proper approach to the surgery, which I was looking my son to have. I went online and found the parotid.net website that was an eye opener; they were what we were looking for with a combination of 20 years experience.


I was glad when I was able to meet Dr. Osborne in New York for a consultation. The length of time and thoroughness that Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton took for our consult was 3 hours which covered every aspect of surgery and explaining the benefits of surgery. Their confidence and compassion showed us, they were great doctors who were also extremely easy to talk to. After our consult, we felt totally at ease and confident that they were the doctors we wanted. They spoke on our level and made us understand every aspect of surgery.


When we finally arrived to the Los Angeles office we felt very welcomed by the entire staff. My family’s over all experience were unbelievable unlike any experience we have ever had. Noelia’s was indescribable, kept in constant contact with me. Laurie Hanna, made us feel so confident about anesthesia, she even texted me to update during the surgery!


Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton were calm and reassuring and made us feel like a part of their family. My son felt great after surgery, the doctors and staff exceeded our expectations. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Osborne’s office. They are TRUE EXPERTS in their field! We would travel and recommend traveling to any and all our friends from the east coast to meet them. We are from New Jersey and have some of the best doctors in NYC and we still chose to come to Los Angeles, for this surgery. It was the best decision we ever made. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



Lancaster, CA

I am very happy with the result of my surgery. I’m glad that I found Dr. Osborne on the internet. I read about the extensive experience of Dr. Osborne and his staff that I felt I was in good hands. And I was right! The office staff was very nice and pleasant.


Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton explained to me the procedure and answered all my concerns. They took their time and made sure that I was alright after the surgery. The anesthesiologist was also very caring and checked on me before and after surgery.


They all made my 1st-time surgery experience stress-free and comfortable. I’m feeling great now and I am forever thankful for their excellent care. They are heaven-sent! I highly recommend Dr. Osborne Head and Neck Institute to anyone requiring their expertise.

Sincerely, K.M.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I want to thank Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton, and wonderful staff at the OHNI institute in Los Angeles for their incredibly professional and compassionate care.


I have had a small painless lump below my left ear for several years. After eight months of inconclusive ultra-sounds, biopsies, imaging, and conflicting advice from two different Otolaryngologists, I sent my medical records and tests results to Drs. Osborne & Hamilton for a third opinion.


On the telephone consults to discuss my case, Drs. Osborne & Hamilton were patient and kind, taking time to answer all questions. Their additional data and vastly superior personal experience as specialists with this rare condition enabled me to confidently make the final decision–to go ahead with a parotidectomy on November 2, 2010.


Although the tumor was in a challenging location (wrapped around many facial nerves) Dr. Osborne’s precision surgery was totally successful, with no permanent or even temporary damage to or paralysis of my facial nerves. And, thanks to Dr. Hamilton’s brilliant reconstructive surgery, I will not be left with the disfigurement or numerous side effects that can result from parotidectomies. In a few months’ time it will be difficult to believe the surgery ever happened.


Based on my extensive preliminary research and previous personal experience as a surgical patient (two brain surgeries, two lumbar artificial disc replacements, etc) I am convinced that Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton’s professional ethics and standard of care–combined with their performance as an innovative surgical team–are absolutely the best available. I hope that other surgeons are learning from them, and that many other patients will have the fortune to be treated by them.


I will think of Dr. Osborne & Dr. Hamilton, and thank them with my first smile every day.



Los Angeles, CA

This was my second time developing the salivary stone condition. The first time I had them surgically removed. It was successful but painful and took 2 weeks to recover. This 2ndtime I saw Dr. Osborne who used his non-surgical scope to remove the stones through the gland opening. He took 20 stones out.


The procedure took less than 2 hours and withing 2 hours of recovery I was already feeling better. Withing 6 hours I was eating solid food and within 3 days I was fully recovered. No pain!


Thanks to Dr. Osborne, Noelia and the entire staff at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute.



Thank you, T.G.

Indianapolis, Indiana

I came to the Osborne Head and Neck Institute to have a parotid tumor removed. I heard about Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton through their website. I had consultations with four different surgeons before choosing to come to LA. After all of the consultations, Dr. Osborne was the only surgeon who made me feel more comfortable about having surgery.


I really appreciated his thorough approach and the planning that went into the procedure. He is the only physician to request an MRI, the only physician to offer a more minimally invasive procedure, and the only physician to work with a plastic surgeon to do a cosmetic closure.


Once in LA every interaction I had with both Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton reassured me that I had chosen the right doctors. The answered all questions I had and were very available to me both before and after the procedure. Additionally, all of the office staff, nurses, and the anesthesiologist were excellent. I always felt I was in good hands.


I am 100% satisfied with my decision to have Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton do my surgery. I would recommend them to anyone.



Covina, CA

I was referred to the Osborne Head & Neck Institute by my local ENT specialist for treatment of my parotid tumor.


We initially met with Dr. Osborne. He thoroughly explained my condition, options and took the time to answer all of our questions, even those we did not know to ask. We appreciated his time, care, attention to detail and expertise. The office staff was friendly, attentive and helped us feel comfortable. Noelia is fabulous! She attended to every detail of my surgery and was always available to answer our question.


Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton performed my surgery. Their expertise and bedside manner is impeccable… the best I’ve ever experienced! They not only took good care of me, they also made my family comfortable and feel at ease. Laurie my anesthesiologist was wonderful. She is caring has a great sense of humor and ensured.


I had good sleep and sweet dreams during my surgery. Post op, Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton ensured all of our questions were asked and answered. Their caring and attention to detail is unparalleled. Their staff and facilities are absolutely the best!!! I would recommend OHNI and Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton without hesitation. I feel fortunate to have them as my doctors. They have changed my life for the better.


Thank you to everyone at OHNI for taking such good care of me.


Tallahassee, Florida

My initial visit was the result of two prior surgeries that were unsuccessful.


After my second surgery it was determined there was still tumor in my face. My surgeon was recommending radiation on the right side of my face. I did not agree with this as a solution to my problem, so I started looking for an alternative.


I saw the webpage.


It just felt right. I met with Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton in Orlando, and was certain they were the best surgeons for me. The are fantastic! Very thankful I searched and found them!





Aloha and Mahalo to everyone at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute (OHNI) for excellent treatment!

After researching multiple options on and off the islands, OHNI seemed to be the obvious choice. After asking a series of questions gleaned from the OHNI website, I discovered that my HMO ENT performs partoidectomies about 3-4 times a year, following surgery one of his cases experienced total facial paralysis. I also spoke to a few physician friends who had the surgery at OHNI and they concurred that it was the ideal place. I absolutely agree that OHNI was the best option. I feel grateful I was able to travel to LA for a much less invasive procedure than available options in Hawaii and in other sites in California.


Noelia was quick to respond to every email inquiry and wonderfully warm and welcoming. The initial phone consult with Dr. Osborne put me at immediate ease. My subsequent office visit with Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton were also exceptional. Each doctor explained the procedures thoroughly and patiently answered all of my questions providing me with confidence going into the surgery. Laurie (Anesthesiologist) was in constant contact and accessible pre and post procedure.


I loved the fact that after 4 hours of surgery, I was able to convalesce at a hotel instead of a hospital. To have onsite after care right in the hotel room on a weekend was an amazing treat! An added bonus, Dr. Hamilton is a foodie and knows all the ono places in the area! I highly recommend OHNI!



Ontario, Canada


I believe that anyone who has been diagnosed with parotid gland tumors, lesions, or cysts that require surgical removal and treatment should certainly make it a priority to discuss his or her case with specialists at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute. After my initial diagnosis, I consulted with several specialized head and neck surgeons in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I also carefully researched the Osborne Head and Neck Institute, as well as Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton. I found that the Institute’s specialized and focused approach to treating my parotid gland tumor was truly unique. As a Canadian citizen, this type of surgery is available in Canada, and the surgery is fully paid for under Canada’s universal health care system.


After my research, various consultations with Canadian surgeons, and discussions about my case with Dr. Osborne, I concluded that it was in my overall best interest to have the surgical procedure performed at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute in Los Angeles, California. I paid for the surgery out of my own pocket.


The doctors and staff at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute were very professional, skilled, empathetic, highly qualified, and very understanding of my situation. I had an excellent surgical outcome; there were no facial deformities, as well as no paralysis and no damage to facial nerves. A few months after surgery, I am pleased to report that I have no noticeable scarring – in spite of the fact that my tumor was quite large and the procedure was rather complex. Each and every day I am noticing that my surgical site continues to recover very well.


All of these factors are a testament to the experience, skill, and expertise of Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton, and the entire surgical and customer care team at the Osborne Institute. I encourage everyone who is facing a similar problem to read the Osborne Head and Neck Institute’s website carefully and to follow up with a consultation. Needless to say, I am very pleased with my decision.


Brea, CA

My 12 year old daughter had a salivary gland stone which was misdiagnosed by the ER and pediatric ENT. I went to seven doctors before I could find someone that had seen a stone in a child.


The one oral surgeon told me he could cut it out but had only performed the procedure 10 times. This was not someone I wanted to send my child to. So I decided to start searching the internet. I found Dr. Osborne! The procedure went great! We were thrilled with the results!


San Francisco, CA

Dr. Hamilton,

I feel like I was divinely placed in your care. You are everything I could have wanted and hoped for. Your gentle spirit calmed my nerves and erased my doubts. The mastery in your craft has left me beautifully restored and renewed.

My seagull is in gentle flight, my breath is so fresh and sweet and I can focus my napkin on my lips, where it belongs. You did perfectly.

Please pass my gratitude on to all the wonderful people at OHNI, especially Dr. Osborne, Laurie, the O.R. nurses and Noelia. I really do “love them.”


With the greatest respect and gratitude.


Tampa, Florida

I would highly recommend Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton to anyone who needs parotid surgery. After having three unsuccessful previous surgeries by another doctor, each of which I had a recurrence within a few months to a year, I decided to use a new doctor in my town of Tampa, Fl.


Four days before my scheduled surgery, and through a miraculous set of events, I found Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton. After a consultation with the doctors, I canceled my surgery at home. Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton put my mind at ease by spending a lot of time to explain the procedure, possible complications, and probable outcome.


They really showed me that they care greatly about their work and the success of each surgery. Once at their facility, I found that the care and compassion extended through the entire staff from start to finish. It has only been a few weeks since my surgery and I have experienced no complications and no real pain to speak of.


The results of the surgery are all I could have asked for. In my opinion, Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton are tops in their field and really show compassion for each case. They spend the time and effort to make you feel very comfortable throughout the entire process.


Thank you Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton and your amazing staff for everything that you have done.




Los Angeles, CA

I came in for an issue regarding stones in my salivary gland. When I originally discovered the stones a couple of years ago and went to a different hospital, they indicated that it was a thyroid issue, not a stone.


When they reappeared and I asked my GP he said it was not thyroid, and that I should see Dr. Osborne for a second opinion, Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton made me feel confident that everything would be taken care of.


I do appreciate everything that they have done, I am very happy with my results.




Orange County, CA

Initially I visited Dr. Osborne’s office because I had been diagnosed with a parotid tumor and after seeing 2 other physicians’ offices I still did not feel comfortable with what they had to offer.


I liked Dr. Osborne from the moment I met him, he was direct, honest and provided much more information in his answers than any of the other physicians had given me in the past. His professionalism was exceptional.


Another factor that helped me make my decision was the presence of Dr. Hamilton during the entirety of the surgery. The prior physicians had not mentioned the possibility of an indentation nor treatment for it.


I found Dr. Osborne through a coworker who went on Google and found the website, she gave me Dr. Osborne’s information immediately. I have to say, I was impressed with the website, I found it excellent, and very informative.


It’s been almost two years since my surgery and you can’t even tell I had anything done. I feel great, I am very pleased with the results.



Toms River, New Jersey

I came to see Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton for a parotid tumor after seeing two other physicians and being somewhat frightened and very concerned. Their approach to treatment and concern about humanity was evident from the start. I am so happy that I found them and would travel even further if I ever needed their expertise and care again.


The careful planning of their practice and staff is evident at every stage.


I thank them for the professional care and the compassionate delivery of same.



Corona, CA

My initial visit with OHNI was for right parotid mass. This was my 4th opinion because I went to Kaiser and saw three other physicians there, and all three of them wanted to leave a hole in my face. I was not satisfied with them. I started to look on the internet and found OHNI.


My first impression of Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Osborne was great. They both talked to me about surgery and gave me the option to have a reconstructive surgeon on hand for my parotidectomy.


Everybody I’ve talked to, including my primary care physician at Kaiser and my dentist, say it is the best job they have ever seen. Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton, and their staff are so loving, caring, and down to earth; they made my whole experience very satisfying.


I am very grateful and extremely happy with my results. I will always recommend my friend, family, strangers, and everyone to stop looking and come directly to OHNI.


Thank you again for everything that you did.


Grambling, Louisiana

Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton went far past my expectations. God has truly blessed these young men with an awesome gift. They made us feel as though they had known us for years. Their warm, caring, and professional attitudes were definitely noticed and appreciated.


The staff was great, also. I can truly say that God has placed some of His angels here on earth. Meeting Drs. Osborne and Hamilton and their staff confirms it. Thank you all so much for making my upcoming college graduation an event I can now look forward to, without worrying about an unsightly tumor.


You will forever remain in my prayers and my heart.





Lafayette, Colorado

I have never had a more positive surgical experience than I did with Dr. Osborne and his compassionate and professional staff. From the first phone call, through my very brief recovery from the sialendoscopy, I was guided, monitored, assisted, and reassured. I was never alone in the process.


Like many people who have never heard of this surgery, I thought I would have to live with a stone in my submandibular salivary duct because I was told by two doctors that the only treatment was a radical surgery for stone removal that was risky and would leave me physically scarred.


Their solution was that I would just have to live with it and make sure I always had a prescription of antibiotics with me for occasional infections caused by flare-ups created by the stone’s movement. They basically gave me no hope. And they did not know where to send me or were they interested in trying to find out.


My quality of life felt radically altered as I constantly feared another shift of the stone. Only a few weeks elapsed from the time I found the OHNI on the internet, traveled to California, and returned to Colorado, less than one day after surgery.


The stone is gone, there is no pain, and I am comfortable with the knowledge that Dr. Osborne and his staff are still at my disposal if ever needed again. I would recommend this surgery and this team to anyone.



Glendale, Arizona

Thank you, Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton, Laurie – Nurse Anesthetist, Terry, Yolanda, and Noelia. Dr. Osborne took the time and answered all my questions about my sialendoscopy. He had no doubt in his mind to succeed at removing my stones.


You are all very confident and caring. I waited 25 years for a less invasive surgery. This was an answer to my prayers. I had doctor after doctor telling me to have my submandibular gland taken out. I didn’t want a scar plus risk having nerves in my face cut.


Laurie took the time to make sure I had the right anesthesia. Terry was reassuring, to calm my nerves. Yolanda was there when I woke, she was very kind and helpful.


Thank you for being exceptional doctors. It was worth the trip. God Bless you all, you are all God send.


Thank you being one of the extremely few performing the sialendoscopy in the United States.


Los Angeles, CA

When one is fairly healthy and is diagnosed with a parotid tumor, it can become emotionally overwhelming. Fear of the unknown can be an asphyxiating experience, leaving you with breathless moments; trying to process the “unknown” and uncertain prognosis.


Prior to being diagnosed with a left parotid tumor, and learning about Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton with the Head and Neck Institute, I visited seven medical professionals over a period of four years. Before my initial consultation with Drs. Osborne and Hamilton, only one of the aforementioned medical doctors knew the name of my condition and how to treat it. I was initially told that the growth was “nothing” and after repeated questioning and doctor visits, I was humorously called a “hypochondriac!” I smiled and continued to seek answers for this growth that was getting larger.


Subsequently, I prayed and asked God to please guide me to the “right” doctor that was skilled to diagnose and treat my condition. Feeling hopeless and mentally tired, I decided to search on the internet for answers and learned of the Head and Neck Institute. After hours of reading and researching my condition, I discovered what I was suffering from. For the first time, I felt a sense of relief, hope, and excitement about my condition! The more I read and researched Drs. Osborne and Hamilton’s backgrounds, certifications, track records and credentials, I divinely knew that they were the “right” doctors for my condition!


For the sake of time, I will fast forward and simply say, my tumor was benign and more complicated than we thought, but Drs. Osborne and Hamilton did an amazingly outstanding job! My surgery went well! My biggest fear was an awful scar on my face. However, they were so patient, empathetic, skilled and caring! Their bedside manner is a model that every medical professional in the world should emulate! They and their awesome medical team did not make you feel like a number…rushing you in and out of the office. They genuinely care about the welfare of their patients. Sometimes I think about the overall process and care that I received and become emotional and grateful that God led me to this great medical team.


Dr. Osborne is a gifted, exceptional, skilled and outstanding surgeon; Dr. Hamilton is brilliant in that he was able to work with my keloid skin so I would not have an unsightly facial scar to remind me of this affliction. I have never experienced doctors and a medical staff that demonstrated the level of human compassion that I received. Drs. Osborne and Hamilton took time to address my fears, vanity and stress. And because of that, I will never forget them or their medical staff. They gave me hope when I was afraid.


Today, I feel great about “my new day!” Thank you all for a job well done! And, may God continue to rain blessings into all of your lives.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

A left parotid tumor is what brought me to California. My local ENT, who initially diagnosed my situation, ordered a biopsy and indicated surgery was in order. Unfortunately he only does two to three of these each year.


We wanted MORE experience!


Using the internet as a search medium, we found Dr. Osborne.


After some additional research to make sure of who we were dealing with, we made the commitment to come to California.


Having lived the surgery, I can say the experience, the people, the expertise, the caring, EVERYTHING exceeded my expectations.


In essence, it could not have been better!




Edinburg, Texas

Thank God for Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton, and staff. Out of fear of facial paralysis I had put off parotid gland tumor surgery for two and a half years when I came across the OHNI website. This is what I had been praying for. Every aspect of this experience, from my first meeting with the doctors to my post-surgical appointment totally exceeded my expectations.


Before my surgery strangers would stare at the large lump in my cheek. Now, no one would guess I ever had a tumor because there is not even a discernable scar. Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton are exceptionally gifted surgeons who combine their skills with a level of professionalism and care that is extremely rare in the medical field today.


My admiration is boundless. I also want to acknowledge patient care coordinator, Noelia, who made every aspect of this journey go smoothly. I may not have been the easiest patient, surgically or otherwise, but I am the most grateful.


Orlando, Florida

I first consulted with Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton because I had been suffering of bilateral parotid swelling for about 9 months and was ready to do something about it. Although I had occasional pain, I mainly knew that something was not right and wanted it solved.


This was my 4th opinion, I had met with several doctors in the Orlando area and none of them were offering an alternative that was satisfying to me. They pretty much said to take antibiotics and live with the discomfort that I was having.


I wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so I went online and searched for parotid surgery. The website came up immediately and was so informative and engaging. I looked at the testimonials, the before and after photos and knew I needed to meet with Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton. Our initial meeting took place in Orlando, FL and was all that I could have hoped for.


The doctors were very professional and made me feel comfortable from the moment I met them. Most of all, I felt like they heard what I was going through and offered a solution, the removal of both my parotid glands. I had discussed this option with other physicians, but no one had been willing to operate because they thought it was too risky.


After my meeting with Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton, I was in contact with Noelia and she was so helpful, she provided me with a list of hotels, tips on how to plan my trip to Los Angeles; she worked the doctors’ schedule around mine and made it all happen. She was available by email, phone and even text message.


My surgery went great, I feel good, I look good, and all I can say is thank you for an excellent work and continued care. Dr. Osborne followed up with me when I got back home, and even months after my surgery. I am thankful to have found them.



Los Angeles, CA

I came to OHNI to obtain another opinion for what was described as a parotid tumor of my salivary gland. Previous doctor seemed okay, but while trying to get more info on her via the Cedars Website, Dr. Ryan Osborne’s name and clinic popped up.


Everything I needed to know about the surgery and what was to be expected was laid out on the website. The key reason I went ahead with him was the experience in the particular surgery and it was minimally invasive. He explained everything and Dr. Hamilton kept my face intact! So far, quite satisfied and very little pain!


New Jersey


Words cannot express how happy I am that I have found Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton. I was diagnosed with a 1.46 cm salivary gland stone. After seeing a few physicians in Manhattan I was told that due to its size and location it would be almost impossible for the stone to be taken out through the mouth without damaging the nerve. I was advised that the best thing for me would be to remove the gland.


When I found Dr.Osborne’s web site, I immediately sent him my CAT’s scan. After speaking with him and his staff over the phone my worries and sleepless nights were over. Dr. Osborne took the time to answer all of my questions which were followed by a second phone call from my husband and going over every little detail he wanted to know. We both knew right away that Dr. Osborne is the one and 10 days later we flew to LA.


What seemed to be mission impossible for other doctors it was not the case for Dr. Osborne. My surgery was a quick and easy procedure for Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton, and in less than an hour I was stone free. I have no doubt that they are the BEST at what they do, and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs this type of procedure.


My anesthesiologist Laurie could not be nicer. She called me prior surgery to explain everything I need it to know, she also handled my high blood pressure preexisting condition very professionally and made sure I was completely stable before I left the facility. During my entire stay at OHNI I was always surrounded by at least 2 nurses, Laurie was there for me most of the time and that made me feel very comfortable.
Dr. Osborne’s bedside manner, before and after the surgery, was exceptional. He is the most caring doctor I have ever met. He followed up with phone calls even days after the procedure. The entire staff is extremely nice and helpful. My experience with Noelia has been very pleasant and productive. Overall, this was the best medical experience I have ever had. I was even able to combine my trip with some pleasant activities like visiting Universal Studios on the next day of my surgery . Recovery is fantastic.


Thank you very much Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton! Your talent and dedication to your patients is one of a kind! Choosing you as my doctors was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.


Medina, WA

I first came to OHNI by researching on the internet; I had seen 4 other specialist before coming to Dr Osborne who was at this point my 5th opinion. I was told by other physicians that they needed to remove my gland.


I did some research online and found Dr. Osborne and noticed that he performed minimally invasive Sialoendoscopy to remove the stone from gland. Dr. Osborne is wonderful; I am not in any pain or discomfort. I have fully recovered and back to normal life, I am able to eat without having my face swell.


I would recommend Dr Osborne 100% to anyone needing surgery. It was worth traveling from Washington State to California. Thank you Dr. Osborne.


Fort Meyers, FL

I had a large stone in my right parotid gland, and since it was the second surgery I was at a much higher risk of facial nerve paralysis. I researched and found Dr. Osborne his credentials and experience was above and beyond anyone else who I had researched. I was unable to find anyone locally for this kind of procedure.


I met Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton for a consultation in Florida, my husband and I felt confident that both doctors where experienced for the procedure. I am glad I did some research and found OHNI. I am very thankful with my surgery and I am able to smile, thank you Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton for a perfect outcome. I would recommend OHNI.


Westlake Village, CA

Four years ago, I came to Dr. Osborne after spending approximately 2 months dealing with a sudden pain under my jaw bone. After going to various dentist, and doctors offices I was diagnosed with salivary gland stone, I had multiple office procedures at these other medical offices. I finally found Dr. Osborne and his incredible staff; he was immediately able to assess and diagnose – he performed surgery. Dealing submandibular gland stones and then did some repair surgery on my gland.


I am very happy and satisfied with my surgery, I am very thankful I found Dr. Osborne and his amazing staff. I would recommend OHNI to my family and friends.


Queenstown, MD

Dr. Osborne was fantastic in the way that he described the procedure. I felt very comfortable with him as my surgeon. He also took the time to make excellent recommendations for restaurants and things to do in LA.

Dr. Hamilton was also great when we came back the day after surgery. He explained how to take care of the scar, and I know I will be very careful about being in the sun now! He made another great recommendation to visit the Getty Center, and that is where my fiancé proposed to me!

I feel very confident that I made the right decision to trust Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton for my surgery. They are definitely the best doctors for the job! Both doctors were kind, understanding, patient, and made me feel at ease with the procedure. I am really happy with the results.


Honolulu, Hawaii

The reason for my visit was to discuss a Sialendoscopy; it’s unfortunate that nobody in Hawaii has experience in this procedure. I have suffered for many years with swelling in my submandibular gland and I knew it was time to do something about it. My ENT doctor back home mentioned about Dr. Osborne, Based on my research OHNI doctors in Los Angeles are the best for head and neck problems.


Christine and Noelia were very helpful and friendly when I was communicating with them while still in Honolulu. I am doing well after surgery and very grateful for everything. I would recommend OHNI to friends and families for surgery or any ENT needs.


Lithonia, GA

I was diagnosed with a left parotid tumor and was referred to a surgeon at Emory Hospital, in Midtown Atlanta. I never had surgery before, my doctor’s advice was very important, and however I notice that my surgeon had no experience in ORL and I never meet the oncologist that was going to be assisting my surgery. I was not satisfy with the way things where going and did not believe I was getting the best possible care for my condition. The fact, later confirmed that the minimally invasive technique was never discussed or brought to my attention by the doctors.


When the surgeon was unable to schedule me for surgery I began to research on the internet for the latest technology available, and bingo! I came across Osborne Head and Neck and the team, I immediately contacted the office and transferred all my medical records to OHNI, at the same time I started to research the doctors credentials and testimonials of patients, I was amazed of all the great testimonials from patients and how happy they were after surgery. I knew I found the right doctors for my surgery.


Today is one day after my surgery and I have recovered all my facial functions. Thank God for Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton, and their staff for all that they have done for me. I leave today having no doubt that I made the right decision and received the best quality care possible.



In June 2011, I was referred for a consultation to the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist for a suspected parotid tumor. As with most university affiliated health care systems, I was first examined by a resident first who asked me some screening questions for about 10 minutes and then by the professor-practitioner attending physician who examined me for another 10 minutes. Based on this combined 20 minute evaluation-consultation, the attending recommended that I be hospitalized for 1-2 days and undergo a radical parotidectomy that would take 5-6 hours to perform via a six inch or longer incision from the top of the ear down to the middle of my neck. Neither a CAT scan or an MRI nor a biopsy of the mass prior to surgery was recommended as “it would not change our treatment recommendation”. When I informed my son and daughter-in-law of the recommendation based on the initial evaluation, they insisted I secure a second opinion from the Osborne Head and Neck Institute (OHNI) when my daughter-in laws cousin is a practicing ENT physician. After reviewing the information on the OHNI website www.parotid.net I agreed to secure a second opinion.


Before even being seen by Dr. Osborne I was sent for an MRI to assess the extent and location of the parotid mass. Taking the MRI results with me, Dr. Osborne met with my wife and I for at least an hour reviewing the images and fully explained his recommended outpatient surgical intervention based on the MRI results. Dr. Hamilton then met with us and fully explained his surgical approach to minimize any scaring from the surgery. Dr. Osborne then sent us directly for a biopsy within an hour of reviewing the MRI results based on the rationale that we should both be fully informed of whether or not the mass may be cancerous prior to the surgery so that we could consider our treatment options before undergoing the parotidectomy. Dr. Osborne then called us with the biopsy results the day he received them.


By choosing to have the surgery completed by Drs. Osborne and Hamilton, the surgery was successfully completed on an outpatient basis (not inpatient), took only three hours (not six), was performed by fully trained ENT specialists (not residents in training), only the mass was removed (not my entire parotid gland) and the surgical incision limited to length of my ear (not down my neck). My wife and I are extremely impressed with the outcome of the surgery and the professionalism and personal concern of everyone associated with OHNI, especially Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton. The evening of the surgery I received follow-up calls from Dr. Osborne and his staff and upon our return home, we even had a personalized card from both Dr. Osborne and Hamilton telling us what an honor it was for them to have me as a patient.


Austin, Texas

I noticed a small lump near the bottom of my ear a few years ago. When I asked a doctor about it, she said it was probably a calcium deposit. In early May 2011, I noticed that it had changed in size and shape and I was referred to an ENT. After some tests, the diagnosis was confirmed. It was a benign parotid tumor. He provided me with an explanation about parotid tumors and how they are generally removed. Although I felt quite comfortable, I wanted to see if there were other doctors I felt more comfortable with.


I wanted the ENT that other ENTs would go to for the procedure, the absolute most specialized person. I read all about Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton, and all of the testimonials, etc. I also checked to see if they were in network with my insurance. All looked good. Of course my family and driends suggested that I try to find someone just as competent closer to home. I looked all over the state of Texas and continued to look outside of Texas. Still, nothing sounded as great as OHNI. I schedule a phone consultation with Dr. Osborne. My decision was made. I had found my doctors.


I found ut that not everything was considered in network with my insurance, as a graduate student I don’t exactly make a lot of money. People really questions this, and I had to explain htat the cost is still worth it if you consider the alternative.


I am so happy that I made this decision. I just felt like I was in the most capable hands after meeting everyone at OHNI. Fortunately, I did not suffer any nerve damage, but I think it says a lot about everyone working with OHNI for me to have that level of comfort and respect. Surgery is probably never going to be fun, but they made it a very comfortable experience. I would like to thank everyone that helped out with the scheduling to the surgery. I feel like I’ve spoken with Noelia 100 times and she was always very responsive and helpful. Laurie made the best anesthesia cocktail because I didn’t feel nauseous at all. She and Stephanie really helped me to feel very comfortable before the surgery.


Of course, I would like to give a million thanks to the surgeons. I was going to be scared regardless of where I was. However, you really helped me relax and I knew all would work out.

Thank you so much for taking the time to make me feel like a priority and not just a patient in room 3. You did amazing jobs and I will always be grateful.


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