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Client California12

Calcification in Parotid Gland

Ventura, CA

My experience was amazing. I look and feel better than before. This all started with calcification in my parotid gland, which affected surrounding areas causing chronic infections. I was taking long term antibiotics.

I was seeing an ENT doctor for 3 years intermittently and he said he would not operate on a gland so sensitive to the facial nerves and I am absolutely glad he didn’t. The infection stopped for 2 years and then the infection reoccurred and the calcification bigger.

I did my research online and found parotid.net to find Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton. I have run into a couple people that have had the parotid surgery by other surgeons and these people have encountered strange problems; sweating in the back of the neck, unsightly scars, and random numbness. A couple doctors said yes, but have only performed 1-2 parotid surgeries a year as compared to Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton performing this exceptional surgery 3-4 times a week.

Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton are amazing, the two of them side by side; one stopped me from being paralyzed and the other did the cosmetic reconstruction. After the surgery, I have perfect salivation and no paralysis. I did have numbness to right ear for1-2 months, that has since decreased and is minimal and getting better. My scar behind my ear is almost impossible to see, both sides of my face match perfectly, as the incision has healed.

Now I live a life with less fear, no antibiotics, it’s unsightly. I’m done with infection and got my life back. Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton worked with me on the financial end as well. I would definitely be interested in talking with anyone researching this surgery, anyone interested in speaking with someone that is going through something similar signs, symptoms, questions and/or concerns.


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